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Personal Learning & Careers Coaching
When a passion & a career come together

Galway Careers and Study Skills specializes in guiding and supporting young people and adults in transition with career direction and learning with a view to enabling them to unlock their own potential and choose fulfilling futures.

For Better Results & Career Choices
Find out how to improve your:
  • Motivation
  • Time Management
  • Speed Reading
  • Learning and Study Strategies through engaging in specially developed assessments and coaching with our dedicated team.

  • Galway Careers and Study Skills provides:
  • Specialist help for your CAO application.
  • Individual, Small Group Learning & Career Guidance sessions.
  • Help with Job applications and Interview preparation.

  • We rejoice in seeing young people blossom.

    Call +35391792017 today for a free 15 minute consultation or email for a Student Query form to help us get a picture of you and your needs. We will design a programme specially to suit you.

    Psychometric Testing & Coaching can help you make good Course and Career decisions
    Click here to find out how psychometric testing can guide you to make enlightened and informed decisions about careers that best suit your personality. The results can then be used to inform your course choices and next steps. Psychometric tests must be administered by an accredited tester. Coaching is an essential part of the administration of your test results. For a satisfactory outcome the whole process takes c. 5 hours altogether.

    Need help with the Writing process?
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    Is Report Writing a challenge?

    Are you clear on the purpose of and audience for your report? Do you know the style of writing required?

    Is there a book in you?
    Let us help you write it.

    Our Writing process coach is uniquely skilled to support you to get started and to develop your writing voice. Works for young and old!

    Need help with Study and Learning?
    Support is at hand!

    Do you believe in yourself as a learner? Do you know how you learn best?

    In our specifically designed text "Switching on for Learning: A Student Guide to Exam & Career Success" we show students how to diagnose their own learning style and preferred learning conditions and coach them to meet their learning needs for exam and career success.

    Call +35391792017 today for a free 15 minute consultation or email for a Student Query form to help us get a picture of you and your needs.

    International Students
    Check out our exciting "Learn to Speak English" Summer 2018 programme

    Galway Bay Languages

    Situated in Galway, on the West Coast of Ireland, Galway Bay Languages is a family-based English language learning programme. We deliver a unique and caring service for International students wishing to learn English in a warm, family and safe setting.

    Galway Bay Languages provides:

    * A warm welcome for your young person
    * Full board in family homes in the Galway Bay area, surrounding Oranmore
    * Full Immersion in an English speaking language environment
    * Quality English language classes with qualified teachers, working at the students level
    * Excursions with family, Adventure Days
    * Community Bar-B-Q to extend a welcome to your student
    * A fun authentic Irish cultural experience.

    Find out about our 2018 dates
    Email for a Student Booking form, details of programme and cost.