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Psychometric Testing & Coaching, Your Enlightened Way forward!

What is Psychometric testing?
Psychometric testing is a scientific way to learn more about your abilities, your motivation, your Personality, Career values and interests. The information you glean from Psychometric testing can give you the confidence to approach decision-making, new courses, interviews, promotions and new directions differently. An exciting process - it is an investment in yourself and your career!

Personality Assessment forms a central part of Career Guidance and Coaching programmes.

Why Psychometric tests?
Psychometric Tests are administered for the purpose of assessing Personality; Ability & Occupational (eg., Team, Leadership styles) domains. The test results give you more accurate information about yourself so you can make better life decisions. My own experience is that they help "get under your skin" because of the thinking and awareness they provoke within the individual!

Many people know their abilities and competencies but personality is a bigger enigma. Extensive research conducted over many years has consistently demonstrated that 10-30% of the variance in job performance is attributable to personality differences. A person's potential for burnout, their trainability and subsequent job satisfaction have all been shown to be strongly influenced by personality.

Career Match
Psychometric testing helps individuals/ students maximise their potential by finding an optimal match between personality and career choice.

Your greatest gift is your mind
We spend money on many things in our lives but an investment in yourself, in your mind, in your potential and personal fulfilment is arguably, the best investment you will ever make. We owe it to ourselves (and the wider world) to work to our potential. Fundamentally, we know when we are not working to our potential - this can contribute to negativity, unhappiness and lifelong searching!

How do I undergo Psychometric testing?
Psychometric testing should only be carried out by an accredited Psychometric tester. Test selection is made by the accredited tester following discussion of the individual's needs and desired goals. There is a wide range of tests available. Anonymised excerpts from test reports will be provided for your guidance.

What happens with the results of psychometric tests?
The results of psychometric tests are used for coaching purposes, to coach the individual about and towards their desired goals. In the case of students parents may be present for the reporting of the test results.

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