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Courses offered by Dr. Fidelma Healy Eames and Associates include:

Younger students
* Getting Ready for Second Level: Settling down to Learn
* An Introduction to Study Skills: Settling down to Learn

Exam Students & Adult Learners
* Successful Study: Towards becoming an Independent Learner
* Developing Student Writing
* Individualised Leaning Programmes for Students
* Mindset for Success: Enabling students to maximise their inner resources.
* Individualised learning/tutoring programmes (assessment and instruction)

Talks for Parents
* Making an Effective Transition to Second-level: Coping with Change
* Successful Study & Learning: Supporting your Child
* Understanding Dyslexia, Managing Learning: Supporting your Child

Continuing Professional Development for Teachers
* Active & Reflective Learning: Increasing Students' Capacity to Learn
* Understanding Dyslexia, Managing Learning: Supporting the Learner
* Well-being for teachers: A half day health and stress management course
* Communication & Working as a Team: A Future Search Approach

* Writing your Story courses

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