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Employed a week later
Being coached by Dr. Fidelma Healy was an honour. She not only helped me finding a great job, but also instructed me throughout the process and taught me what real confidence is. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be employed in just 8 days!
Juan Navarro

I now have my new job of choice
Fidelma was instrumental in helping me gain full-time employment after completing my degree in Product Design (UL). Through her network of contacts, her willingness to recommend me to potential employers and employment agencies, she provided me with some valuable opportunities. Her continuous support and encouragement thereafter gave me the confidence to succeed and get employed in a fantastic company in the medical device sector which was my ideal choice.


I had the privilege of conducting my psychometric tests under the guidance of Dr Fidelma Healy. After reaching a crossroads in my career I decided to undergo psychometric assessments in order to get more clarity about what my next best career move would be. I would strongly recommend Dr Healy as her evaluation of my test results were spot on. She provided me with structured career guidance and coaching. I learned valuable information about myself and I am now able to make much more informed career decisions going forward.
Nicus Davel
Ernst & Young

I have used Dr. Fidelma Healy's "Switching on for Learning" book with Fifth and Sixth Year students as a basis for dealing with study skills and exam preparation in class groups. The book is very comprehensive and provides enough material for the guidance counsellor or teacher to dip in and choose appropriate strategies for different groups of students, depending on what they need. There is enough in the book for a full term's worth of study-skills classes and no need to prepare powerpoints or use a computer room. I can recommend it highly.
Dr. Liam Harkin
Guidance Counsellor, Carndonagh Community School, Carndonagh, Co. Donegal.

I was recommended to Fidelma for interview preparation for my Teacher Education interview in St. Pats. She gave me a great grounding. I developed real confidence in myself and became aware of the contribution I could make to teaching. She wanted the words I uttered to be my own not ones that were learned off. She always encouraged me to have a view and to back it up. I learned to apply some excellent techniques. I am now in my second year and delighted with my choice.
NUIG Arts Graduate, Galway city.

At the end of May I will sit my first interview in 15 years. Fidelma has helped me prepare my CV and letter of application. She has helped me to look at myself, what is important to me and how this will contribute to the job specification. I like her approach and would strongly recommend her company.
Micheal M., Dublin.

Here is what Garazi (Basque Country, Spain) has to say about her experience with us in Summer 2016

"Joan den udan 3 aste igaro nituen ingelesa lantzen Fidelma eta Michaelen etxean. Esperientzia ahaztezina izan zen. Primeran pasa nuen. Dibertigarriak izan ziren familian antolaturiko irteerak, eginiko jolasak, ezaguturiko tokiak... Esate baterako, Cliffs of Moher, Dublin eta beste hainbat leku eder bisitatu nituen. Gomendagarria dudarik gabe edozein ikaslerentzat. Irlandar familiak benetan jatorrak dira eta asko ikasten da beraiengandik. Nire ingelesa asko hobetu da!"



"Last summer I spent 3 weeks learning English at Fidelma and Michaels home. It was an unforgettable experience. I enjoyed it a lot. It was fun to do family trips, to play new games with them, to visit new places, such as the Cliffs of Moher. I would strongly recommend this experience to other Basque students because Irish families are really kind and you learn a lot from them, English too!"

Garazi, Basque Student

Lucile from Avignon (France) is returning again in Summer 2017 - Ecoute-elle ici!

"L'été dernier, j'ai passé 2 semaines chez Fidelma et Michael pour améliorer mon niveau d'anglais.

Ca a été vraiment un moment particulier pour moi. J'ai rencontré une adorable espagnole avec qui je suis toujours en contact!

Nous avons visité Galway et Dublin , avons fait un grand nombre d'activités mais ce que j'ai préféré reste ces bons moments passés avec la famille au quotidien! Ils ont été trés accueillants et je me suis trés vite sentie intégrée á la culture irlandaise! Les cours étaient ludiques et stimulants (3 heures par jour). De plus, les divers paysages irlandais sont époustouflants ! Donc lancez vous dans cette expérience !

Je vous la recommande si vous étes ouvert et curieux, et également si vous étes timides ! Venez avec une envie de partage et vous serez certain de repartir avec des souvenirs incroyables !Bien sér, meilleur sera votre anglais, meilleurs seront vos échanges !

Bon voyage !!"


"In Summer 2016 I spent 2 weeks learning English at Fidelma and Michael's home in the West of Ireland. That was so special for me. I met a lovely Spanish girl there too with whom I still keep in touch! We visited Galway and Dublin, We did a lot of activities but what I preferred most was the good times I spent with my family, like meals, card games, talking ...

They were so welcoming and I felt really close with the Irish culture. English Lessons were also very attractive and stimulating (I did 3hours a day) and I became quite fluent.

Moreover, there are beautiful places in Ireland! So just let yourself go and try the experience! I recommend it if you are open and curious, even if you are shy. You just have to wanna share good times and keep in mind beautiful memories of these amazing holidays! For sure ,better will be your English and you will be better for sharing. So come on and do it!!"

Lucile, Avignon, France

Listen to Lucile and her Mom talk about the English language learning experience with Galway Bay Languages

Fidelma and Lucile discuss the benefits of the approach used to learn English with Galway Bay Languages

My son went to see Fidelma having dropped out of NUIG half way through his first year. He had made a poor course choice and very soon dropped behind. It hit his confidence hard. Dr. Healy worked with him over a series of sessions and carried out some tests that helped him look at his motivation and personality. He got some good guidance and it made him feel good about himself again. He is now half way through a new course and is much more confident. Advice and support at the right time made all the difference.

Maree parent

My daughter a 5th year student attended sessions with Fidelma over the past few months. She has found the experience to be very beneficial in that it has given her direction for career choices and has opened her mind to consider alternative options. She also got good help with study skills. All in all, I found it helped give her confidence in herself and in her everyday life at school. I would highly recommend the Galway Careers and Study Skills service.

Mother, Clarenbridge

In hindsight our son did his LC too young He was immature from the start. Within weeks of commencing College he began to experience anxiety and dropped out. We didn't know how to help him. He met with Fidelma who managed to get him to talk and discuss his feelings. She carried out a series of comprehensive tests to identify his strengths and needs, his values, interests, personality and skills. She helped him find his motivation again and referred him to an associate for stress-related issues. I strongly recommend Galway Careers and Study Skills for career and education support.

Claregalway parent.

I lost my job quite unexpectedly and it shook me to the core. I began to doubt my every move. I couldn't handle rejection at all. I met Fidelma at a course and she told me how coaching had helped her. Having completed a series of psychometric tests, I could see that I still had very definite strengths but that I needed help to re-build my self-esteem. I was relieved to read the reports that clearly recognised my strengths. The whole experience helped my greatly. I would recommend Fidelma's analysis and guidance.

Female Professional, Co. Cork.